Sorry to have been out of commission for so long ...
as the note immediately below this one states,
Aisle Say reviews by me have been steadily available
at this link on Times Square Chronicle.
Despite best intentions, however, updating here has been held up
a little bit because of parentcare (they're both over 90)
and more than a little because the just-now (early December) release of
the original cast album of my & Alan Menken's
The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz
(check out Amazon and iTunes)
has taken up much more work-hours (for packaging, booklet copy,
pre- & post-release publicity) than I anticipated.
Not that I'm complaing. It's a good problem to have.
Please know that the original Aisle Say site has not gone permanently dormant,
it's just on an enforced hiatus. And I'm still actively reviewing.
Stay tuned; we will return.

Edition: September 27, 2016

(To check on new NYC-Environs reviews by David Spencer
between editions, click here for the Times Square Chronicles'
"Aisle Say on the Square"

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Current Edition Uploaded: 9/27/16

To check on new NYC-Environs reviews by David Spencer
between editions, click here for the Times Square Chronicles'
"Aisle Say on the Square"

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New Features This Edition:

From New York critic David Spencer:

A new entry among the great one-actor bio portraits;
the subject is Leonard Bernstein; the play is
Written by and Starring Hershey Felder
Directed by Joel Zwick

"Filthy, lousy, disgusting, lice-ridden boids."
Well, not really.
But they sure cause an awful lot of trouble ...
The Birds
by Conor McPherson
from the novella by Daphne du Maurier
Directed by Stefan Dzeparowski

And here's a bio for two. Sort of.
Mostly it's just songs. And a lot of happy ...
Marie and Rosetta
by George Brant
Directed by Neil Pepe
Starring Rebecca Naomi Jones and Kecia Lewis
Atlantic Theatre

San Francisco critic Judy Richter reviews:

by Suzanne Bradbeer
Directed by Lisa Rothe
Presented by TheatreWorks Silicon Valley
Lucie Stern Theatre

Waiting for Lefty

by Clifford Odets
Directed by Marty Pistone
Presented by Stanford Repertory Theater
Nitery Theatre

Wild Boy
by Oliver Goldstick
Based on the book Not Even Wrong: Adventures in Autism by Paul Collins
Directed by Ken Sonkin
Presented by Dragon Productions
Dragon Productions Theatre

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